Lake and Pond FAQ

Lakes and ponds are some of the park's most scenic and significant resources. Carved by glaciers, some of these features reach more than 100 feet in depth.

Maximum Depth - Lakes and Ponds (in and bordering the park)

Name Depth (ft) Name Depth (ft)
Jordan Pond* 150 Hogdon Pond* 22
Long Pond* 113 Lower Breakneck Pond 21
Eagle Lake* 110 Halfmoon Pond 20
Echo Lake* 66 Round Pond* 19
Long Pond (Isle au Haut)* 59 Sargent Pond 14
Seal Cove Pond* 44 Beaver Dam Pond 13
Lower Hadlock Pond* 40 Upper Breakneck Pond 12
Bubble Pond* 39 Lake Wood* 11
Upper Hadlock Pond* 37 Aunt Betty Pond* 7
Witch Hole Pond* 33 Duck Pond 6
The Bowl 29 The Tarn 5

* Great Pond (natural pond greater than 10 acres)

Did You Know?