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A classroom presentation entitled "What Do Park Rangers Do?" kicks off this program for third-grade students, which culminates in a Junior Ranger Day held in the park. Children receive junior ranger patches and participate in a variety of service projects. Junior ranger books are available for a small fee when purchasing classroom quantities.

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Video Recordings

Adventure in the Everglades
Ages 9-11
Do you want to learn more about the Everglades? This video will give some fascinating facts about Everglades National Park. Children will learn about its importance and unique habitats.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Ages 5-12, 1998
Journey to Carlsbad Caverns National Park and explore its geologic and Native American history. Learn about the historic miners. Explore cave stewardship. Meet the bats that live in the caves. Sing a bat rap!

Conviction of the Heart
Ages 5-adult, 1991
An inspirational voyage to magnificent scenes in America's National Park System as Kenny Loggins sings "Conviction of the Heart."

Kids Explore America's National Parks
Ages 7-11, 1991
Journey with kids as they explore the varied national parks of America. They will visit the shoreline of Olympic National Park, the giant sequoia trees of Yosemite and the life of pioneers at Fort Vancouver. Other parks that are highlighted include: Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades, Glacier, Grand Tetons, Great Smoky Mountains, and Gettysburg.

Kids Explore The Everglades
Ages 7-11
Take a trip to Everglades National Park where kids show you alligators, panthers, and crocodiles and what to do to protect their habitat.

Meet the Mentor Video
Ages 6-10, 1996
Be inspired as park ranger Veronica Gonzales-Vest takes us on a tour of Sequoia National Park in California. She shares some interesting park facts and tells all about her job as a park ranger. This video is for children who want to learn about what it takes to become a park ranger.

National Park Service: An American Legacy
Ages 11-adult, 1991
Explore the establishment of the National Park Service. Meet the preservationists that played a role in the creation of the national park ideal.

Online Resources

The WebRangers site is a National Park Service site full of activities for kids of all ages.

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