Education District Philosophy Statement

Acadia National Park’s Education District utilizes a resource- and curriculum-based program to create opportunities for children to form emotional, intellectual, and physical connections with our natural and cultural resources. We generate a learning environment that empowers a diverse student body to gain a deeper understanding, appreciation, and respect for park resources. The cornerstone of our program is an active, learner-centered, multidisciplinary approach that promotes curiosity, cultural and ecological awareness, science literacy, and critical thinking. Our program fosters an experience that strengthens understanding of preservation, restoration, and environmental responsibility through real world applications and acts of stewardship.

We pride ourselves in creating a collaborative work environment that stresses flexibility and freedom in our instruction. This enables us to tailor our programs to meet the varied needs of the students and schools. We model continued professional growth by reflecting upon personal experiences, research, pedagogic beliefs, and participating in relevant professional development activities. This devotion ensures that our instructors demonstrate excellence in instructional preparation and practice. These attributes, combined with a deep knowledge of the resource, audience, and relevant teaching methodologies, provide our staff with the necessary skills to implement high quality instruction.

We hope to become exemplary in the Education District’s commitment to instructor growth, program development, and quality, curriculum-based programs. Our team of educators strives to become leaders and innovators in the education mission of the National Park Service.

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