Passamaquoddy Kit Lesson 3

Ash and Birchbark: The As and Bs of Traditional Baskets

If you are accessing the digital version of this lesson, you must complete the following steps in addition to those steps listed in the lesson plan.


1. Although the lesson plan references baskets, electronic images of each type of basket can be used to complete the lesson. Print out a copy of the following baskets: fancy, birchbark, and work baskets.

2. Since you are not limited to the number of baskets included in the kit, you may choose to modify the grouping of your students. Make enough copies of the baskets and associated materials to meet your needs.

3. You may choose to laminate the following:

  • Fancy, Birchbark, and Work Basket images (3)
  • Parts of a Basket image
  • Basket Weaves images (4)
  • Sample of Basketry Material image
  • Minnie Fouts photo (optional assessment)
  • Moccasins made by Minnie Fouts photo (optional assessment)

Links to these resources can be found on the Passamaquoddy Teaching Kit Index under Lesson 3.

Did You Know?