Passamaquoddy Kit Download

It is possible to download this entire web of files in one large (31 MB) compressed folder. This will allow you to access the contents of the Passamaquoddy Kit from a computer that does not have an Internet connection. If you have a broadband Internet connection and would like to download all of the files, read on.


To copy all of the Passamaquoddy Kit files to a CD or hard drive, please follow these suggestions:

1. Download (31 MB) this compressed file containing all of the entire Passamaquoddy Kit files.

2. If your computer asks you if you want to open or save the file, choose save.

3. If you are prompted to choose a location to save the files to, pick somewhere (such as your desktop) that will be easy to find once your download completes.

4. Once the download is finished, it will be necessary to extract the files from the compressed folder. Procedures to do this will vary depending on the type of compression software your computer uses. In most instances, double-clicking on the compressed folder will open the folder in your computer's default compression program such as StuffIt, WinZip, or Window's Compressed Folder utility. From there, you should have an option to extract all files. Choose this option and follow the guidance provided by your compression program.

5. Once the files are extracted, simply double-click on index.htm. This should open up a web page in your computer's default web browser. From this page, you can access all of the files just as you would from the Internet version of the Passamaquoddy Kit.

If you have successfully downloaded and extracted all of the Passamaquoddy Kit web files to your computer's hard drive and would like to burn these files to a CD, here are some suggestions.

1. When selecting the files to write to the CD, be sure to select all of the files that you extracted from the zipped folder. The list of files and folders that should be present at the root of the CD include:

  • Audio (folder)
  • images (folder)
  • Intro (folder)
  • Lesson1 (folder)
  • Lesson2 (folder)
  • Lesson3 (folder)
  • Lesson4 (folder)
  • Lesson5 (folder)
  • Lesson6 (folder)
  • Lesson7 (folder)
  • Lesson8 (folder)
  • Lesson9 (folder)
  • Misc (folder)
  • autorun.bat (file)
  • autorun.inf (file)
  • ContactInfo.htm (file)
  • FinalAssess.htm (file)
  • icon.ico (file)
  • index.htm (file)
  • Instruct2.htm (file)
  • Instruct3.htm (file)
  • Instruct4.htm (file)
  • Instruct5.htm (file)
  • Instruct6.htm (file)
  • Instruct7.htm (file)
  • Instruct8.htm (file)
  • Instruct9.htm (file)
  • Pricing.htm (file)
  • ptviewer.jar (file)
  • PurchaseInfo.htm (file)
  • ReadMe.txt (file)
  • timeline.htm (file)
  • TimeStitch.jpg (file)

2. When using your CD authoring software, select the option to finalize the CD. (This will increase the chances that your CD will play in a wider variety of computer CD-ROMs.)

3. Be sure to test your CD in the computer you intend to use.

4. When inserted into most Windows-based computers, a properly constructed CD should automatically start up the computer's default web browser and display the Passamaquoddy Kit main web page. If you are using a Mac (which does not automatically start CDs for security reasons) or you are using a Windows computer that has the CD autoplay feature disabled, simply browse the contents of the CD and double-click on the index.htm file. This should open the Passamaquoddy Kit main web page.

5. If you would like to print a label or CD case insert for your new Passamaquoddy Kit CD, here are Word and PDF versions of the labels designed for the kit. (Some modification of the Word version of this label may be necessary in order for it to print properly on different brands of labels. What modifications you need to make will depend on what brand of label you use.)

Good luck!

Did You Know?