• The First Lincoln Memorial

    Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

    National Historical Park Kentucky

Your Safety

For your safety please remember:

  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult while visiting the park
  • No walking or climbing on the walls of the Memorial Building steps, Boundary Oak, Sinking Spring, or flag pole area
  • Hiking trails may cross public road (use CAUTION!)
  • Be aware of poisonous plants i.e. poison ivy on park grounds
  • Walkways are sometimes slippery when wet
  • Be aware of maintenance equipment in use or construction zones
  • Secure valuables in your vehicle
  • Do not enter areas that are closed and marked as such

For warm weather:

  • Stinging insects are in the area
  • Heat may be deadly to children or pets left unattended in vehicles
  • Potential for sudden violent thunderstorms exists

For cold weather:

  • Be aware of ice on walkways, steps, and in parking lots (USE handrails where available)

Did You Know?

Picture of John Russell Pope, designer of the Memorial Building

John Russell Pope designed the Memorial Building at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. He is also known for several other famous buildings, such as the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.