• The First Lincoln Memorial

    Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

    National Historical Park Kentucky

Picnic Policy

The picnic pavilion and picnic area at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park are to be utilized on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations will be taken nor preferential treatment given to any group, organization, or individual. In order to maintain the use of the picnic shelter and area within the National Park Service guidelines, the following policies will also apply to use of the picnic pavilion and picnic area:

  • No unauthorized banners, signs, posters, etc. shall be posted on park property including gates, fences, restrooms, trees, etc.
  • Any "after-hour" (when the park is not normally open) events must be authorized by a Special Use Permit, approved by the Superintendent
  • Picnic tables rearranged to accommodate groups should be replaced to their original location before leaving the pavilion or picnic area
  • Vandalism, littering, or destruction of Government property including plants and wildlife are a violation of Federal Law and shall be reported immediately to a Park Ranger

Did You Know?

Picture of Dedication Ceremony of the Birthplace Memorial Building

The Memorial Building was completed in 1911. Design work on the building started in 1907. President William Howard Taft gave the dedication address on November 9, 1911. He was also a member of the Lincoln Farm Association Board of Trustees.