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Thomas Lincoln Junior

Little is known about Thomas Lincoln Jr., the younger brother of Abraham Lincoln. Born in 1812 or 1813 while the Lincoln family was living at the Knob Creek Farm north of Hodgen's Mill (present-day Hodgenville, Kentucky), Thomas (Tommy) was named for his father. Most historical accounts state that Thomas Jr. soon became ill and died while still in infancy. Dennis Hanks, a cousin of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, the mother of Thomas Jr., later recalled that little Tommy Lincoln "did not live three days." Whereas Thomas Lincoln did not own the land he farmed at Knob Creek he could not bury Thomas Jr. on the property. Thomas Lincoln Jr. was buried in the Redmon Cemetery on a nearby hill overlooking the Lincoln's Knob Creek Farm. The illness that Thomas Lincoln Jr. died from is not known.

Did You Know?

Picture of writer and Lincoln Farm Association Board member Samuel Clemens

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) was a part of the Lincoln Farm Association Board of Trustees. There were 28 board members total. Some other prominent figures on the board included Ida Tarbell, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Richard Lloyd Jones, and Robert Collier.