Best Management Practice Category: Public Information


The public is provided with accessible and understandable water trail information, including details for identifying access and trail routes; cultural, historic, and natural features; hazards; and water quality. The water trail is promoted to the community and broad national audience.

Access, Routes, and Maps

Willamette water trail map

The Willamette has a waterproof, bound map and an online map with details showing access and features along the 216-mile water trail. Willamette Water Trail


NFCT Sign Manual

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail created a sign manual for the various signage needs along their trail.

General Information Programs

Chattahoochee Summer Program

The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area hosts a number of events throughout the summer which helps disseminate important information about the river, recreation, and its other river-related resources.

Hazards and Water Quality

Chattahoochee Bacteria

The Chattahoochee water trail provides flow and water quality information through model partnerships with the USGS, the upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, and the Army Corps of Engineers.