Best Management Practice Category: Planning


The water trail managers maintain a water trail plan that describes a vision, desired future conditions, and strategies to strengthen best management practices.


The Willamette River Water Trail has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between all of the parties with access points to the river.

Bronx River Intermunicipal Watershed Plan

The Bronx River Water Trail has a number of planning documents which lay out the trail vision, desired future conditions, facility needs, public access, and recreation objectives. One of these documents came together in 2011 when the Bronx River Alliance, the Westchester County Department of Planning, NYC Parks Natural Resources Group, and the New York Department of State released the Bronx River Intermunicipal Watershed Management Plan, a full-river management plan.

Integration with Others

The Mississippi and Saint Paul Skyline

Along the Mississippi River Water Trail, a plan is being undertaken to integrate the water trail into the regional public transportation networks so people can access the river without a car and go up and down the river whether walking, biking, or canoeing. There is a statewide effort underway for a bike trail plan along the Mississippi River.

Recreation Opportunities

Launches and Access Sites

Prepare to Launch! Guidelines for Assessing, Designing, and Building Launch Sites for Carry-in Watercraft is a resource designed to help river and water trail managers and park planners build ‘put-in and take out’ sites as they address the evolving needs of paddlers and other users.