Best Management Practice Category: Education


The water trail users are provided with opportunities to learn about the value of water resources, cultural heritage and boating skills and outdoor ethics.

Mississippi River Challenge- Paddle It Protect It

The Mississippi National Recreation River works with the Friends of the Mississippi River to host an annual Mississippi River Challenge, an event to raise money for a cleaner, healthier river.

Opportunities to Explore

Chattahoochee Summer Program

The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area hosts a number of events throughout the summer to get people on the water with a ranger, to learn about the plants and animals along the river, or to teach children how to fish.

Boating Skills and Outdoor Ethics

Wilderness Inquiry Programs

The Mississippi National Recreation Area has partnered with Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventures to connect the urban youth from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with the Mississippi River.

Ecosystem Education

Buford Dam Flow website

Buford Dam flow website for Chattahoochee.

Chattahoochee Bacteria

Chattahoochee River bacteria count information. The Chattahoochee water trail provides flow and water quality information through model partnerships.