A hidden world beneath the prairie

Bison, elk, and other wildlife roam the rolling prairie grasslands and forested hillsides of one of America's oldest national parks. Below the remnant island of intact prairie sits Wind Cave, one of the longest and most complex caves in the world. Named for barometric winds at its entrance, this maze of passages is home to boxwork, a unique formation rarely found elsewhere.

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bull elk

Call of the Wild

Autumn nights come alive with the bugling cries of bull elk.

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Tour of Wind Cave

Tour Wind Cave

Cave tours are offered 362 days a year. Follow the link below for the tour schedule.

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Wind Cave National Park Newspaper

Park Newspaper

All you need to know for planning a trip to Wind Cave National Park.

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Sureveying through tight passages

Crawling Down Passageways

Right now there could be explorers discovering new places in Wind Cave. Learn more about geology, exploration, cave explorers, and unique formations.

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The only natural entrance to one of the longest caves in the world

Follow the Wind - Exploring History

American Indian stories dating back centuries speak of a "hole that breathes cool air" in the Black Hills. In 1881 the exploration of Wind Cave began.

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Bison herd on Wind Cave National Park Prairie

Bring Back the Animals

In late 1890 many species native to the US prairies faced possible extinction. The Wind Cave National Game Preserve was created to help protect them.

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Fire fighters on prescribed burn in park

Fire, Fire, Fire

Fire is perhaps the most significant ecological force in nature. Learn about its effect on the health of park ecosystems.

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Explore the Cave and Prairie from Afar

Explore the Cave and Prairie from Afar

Can't bring your students to Wind Cave? Connect your class from afar by exploring a variety of topics on the park's website.

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Bring Your Students to Visit the Park and Explore the Two Worlds of Wind Cave National Park

Explore the two worlds of Wind Cave National Park

Explore the two worlds of Wind Cave NP with your students - the sunlit world of the prairie and secreted beneath - one of the world's longest caves.

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