Rivers to Explore

Grab your paddle and your longing for adventure and head to the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers! Together they form the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, offering over 200 miles of clean water that glides and rushes through a forested landscape. Paddle, boat, fish, and camp among this wild and scenic beauty. Hiking and historic towns also beckon, if you can bear to leave the cool water.

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Two boys in a loaded canoe wearing lifejackets

Travel with the River: Paddle or Float

Traveling with the river you should be aware of river levels to select which stretch of river and to know if you will be scraping or floating high

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NPS arrowhead within talk symbol

People Talking about the River

The Riverway has a Facebook page. Keep your finger on the pulse!

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Riffles on the water bordered by grass and trees

Find Yourself on the Riverway

In this case physically. Maps can help you know where to camp or where landings are located along the river. Updated yearly, so check them out.

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mussel partially buried in the gravel is open with flesh sticking out

Look in the River:

Fish, mussels and bugs of all sorts, live in the river and attest to our clean water. Watch videos of some of our mussels showing off.

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Ranger in uniform stands facing children with logging tools behind him

Learn More about the River

Programs are scheduled on and off the River to help people, of various ages, learn a little more or have fun enjoying the river. Take a look!

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three minnows from short to long with eyes set low

Threats to the River

Threats to the rivers come in many sizes from land, water and air. A recent threat is the introduction of Asian Carp

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