On the lava flows the people discovered a spirit...

To survive in a hot and arid environment the native Hawaiians (kanaka maoli) used ancient fishing skills, including the building of fishponds, and the knowledge of the location of precious fresh water (wai) that flows into the many brackish pools throughout the park. The spirit of the people (poe) and the knowledge of the elders (kupuna) created a tradition of respect and reverence for this area.

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Feb 2016 Calendar

Calendar of Events

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Park Compendium for 2015-16

New! Park Compendium for 2015-2016

Updated Park Compendium for 2015-16

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Water data for park's water petition

Kaloko-Honokōhau Water Related Data

Go here for direct links to water monitoring data collected by NPS and USGS from 2007 to present...

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Nominations for Park Advisory Commission

Park Advisory Commission

NEW !! The Park is accepting nominations for the Park's Advisory Commission, Na Hoapili O Kaloko-Honokohau.

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Honokohau Beach on the park shoreline

Q & A on Park's Water Petition

Questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Park's Water Petition...click here..

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The mission for the park

A Founding Park Document and The Park's Mission

The Spirit of Kaloko-Honokohau (1974) is a founding park document that helped to establish legislation.....

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Commission Meeting Notes

Na Hoapili O Kaloko-Honokohau Commission Notes

Notes from the most recent meeting (March 2015)

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The opening of the Makahiki at 'Ai'opio fishtrap

Celebrating the Hawaiian Culture....

The native Hawaiians of this land division (ahupua'a), where in tune with the seasons of the year. They celebrated events such as the Makahiki...

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