General Stores & Country Stores

Within the park

Campground Store
Dingmans Campground PA
GPS 41.210694 -74.873154
Just south of the intersection of Rt. 209 with Rt. 739 at the Dingmans Ferry Bridge.
Camping supplies, souvenirs, and some groceries. Open seasonally.


Just Outside the Park

Shawnee General Store PA
River Road, Shawnee-on-Delaware PA 18356
Busy local store on the park border and at the crossroads of a scenic village. Sit-down food area and outdoor deck, deli counter and hot food, groceries, newspapers, coffee. Open for breakfast.

Layton Country Store NJ
130 Route 560, Layton NJ 07851
Just east of the blinking light in Layton
Food, sandwiches, counter service.


The "General Store" in Millbrook Village NJ is a historic structure: it does not sell food or other merchandise.

Did You Know?