Fishing Licenses, Tackle & Bait


A license from either Pennsylvania or New Jersey is required to fish on the Delaware River or from its banks. To fish in the tributaries of the river (for example, the Bushkill PA or the Flat Brook NJ) you will need to have the license for the state in which you are fishing.


Licenses On Line

Pennsylvania | New Jersey

Types of licenses and their cost

Pennsylvania | New Jersey
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Licenses from issuing agents near the park

Search Pennsylvania licensing agent listings for:

Pike County (north end of park)
Monroe County (middle and south of park)
Northhampton County (south of park at Delaware Water Gap PA)

Search New Jersey licensing agent listings for:

Sussex County (north end of the park) or
Warren County (south end of the park)


Tackle and Bait

Many agents for fishing licenses are also outlets for tackle and other outdoor sporting goods. Local shops with web sites listed in the Yellow Pages are:

Aardvark Sports Shop in Stroudsburg PA
Dunkelberger's in Stroudsburg PA, and
Simon Peter Sport Co. in Newton NJ.

In New Jersey there are bait and tackle shops along Route 206 near Culver Lake in Branchville NJ and Newton NJ (middle of the park), along Route 94 in Blairstown NJ (middle of the park), and along Route 46 in Columbia NJ and Belvidere NJ (south of the park).

In Pennsylvania there are bait and tackle shops on Route 402 near Peck's Pond PA (north of the park), along Route 209 in and north of Marshalls Creek PA (midddle of the park), and on North Courtland Street in East Stroudsburg PA near Broadhead Creek (south of the park).

Often, General Stores also carry bait.

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