Connecting Hawai'i

Established in 2000 for the preservation, protection and interpretation of traditional Native Hawaiian culture and natural resources, Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail is a 175 mile corridor and trail network of cultural and historical significance. It traverses through hundreds of ancient Hawaiian settlement sites and over 200 ahupua'a (traditional sea to mountain land divisions). Connect now.

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Trail near Kiholo

Looking at the Past... for the Future

He `ike `ana ia i ka pono. (It is a recognizing of the right thing) The Comprehensive Management Plan is the vision to guide us along the right path.

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Teaching child to pound kapa (barkcloth)

Connecting Ohana (Families and Communities)

E ala! E alu! E kuilima! (Up! Together! Join hands!) It takes a village to raise a child and it takes communities together to connect a trail.

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Go Digital!

Call to Action. Go digital! Connect.

Let your fingers do the walking. Updates and photos will keep you connected to the trail. Check for Facebook challenges to test your trail knowledge.

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Living and Learning

Call to Action. Live and Learn

A “living’ classroom of a 175 mile trail mixes hands-on activities in the fresh air and sunshine with endless moments of living and learning.

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Workers restoring wall at Puukohola Heiau NHS

One at a Time

Pa`a ka waha, hana ka lima (Never mind talking; start working). One stone, one step, one project at a time will build the trail for all.

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Step into history

Step into History

Watch a video of three national parks on the west side of Hawaii island connected by one national historic trail.

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Pacific Island Blog

Stop, Look and Listen

Stories of national significance are yours when you stop to look at and listen to Pacific Island Parks blog.

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Did You Know?